Articles in English, 2015



Butakova L.  The concept FAMILY in Language Consciousness of Schoolchildren: Regional Research.

Chmil N.  Verbal Representation of the Concept «Theologian Profession» by Students of Religious and Secular Universities.

Dem'yanenko S.  Construction preschool children your language system.

Fedoseiea I.  Manifestation features of communicative tolerance in the structure of teacher’s professional work.

Hreylih O.  Development of abilities in children of a preschool age by means of foreign language.

Ivashkevych E.  Crosscultural communication as a way to develop intercultural competence.

Ivashkevych E.  Verbal Representation of the Concept «Theologian Profession» by Students of Religious and Secular Universities.

Kharchenko N.  Development in preschoolers of skills in listening and producing expression-considerations.

Lavrynenko A.  The adaptation of general modeling principals to psycholinguistic sphere on the example of lingual personality.

Machikova M.  Ukrainian and russian servicemen image building in internet service as a result of social perception (based on social networks data).

Makarenko A., Petrov F.  Change of psycholinguistic patterns in the conditions of stress.

Mordvintseva M., Borodulkina T.  Peculiarities of representations about emotions and feelings of the preschoolers.

Navalna M.  The Newest Functionality of Gargons in Ukrainian Periodicals at the Beginning of the XXI-st Century.

Orap M.  The properties of organization the personality’s speech experience.

Orap M.  The Speech Experience Content Representation Unit: Theoretical Analysis.

Savelyuk N.  Psycholinguistic Features of a Prayer as the Main Genre of Religious Discourse.

Tamrazyan A.  The Process of Masterning Imitaiton as the Basic Cognitive Operation and Verbal Tool.

Tsos Yu.  Empirical Reality of Students’ Communicative-Speech Styles.

Turchak O.  Verbal Manifestations of Anxiety in Students’ Written Speech.



Akimovа N.  Investigation of Features of Internet Communication Understanding by Means of Dialogical and Multimedia Experiments.

Bigich O., Yakovenko Ye.  Psycholinguistic bases of future teachers’ french communicative competence training.

Ceytlin S.  Some observations on formation of russian-speaking vocabulary with foreign language speaking children.

Golikova T.  Color in the altai language consciousness: psycholinguistic aspect.

Kaluzhynska Yu.  New Functional Detects of Lexemes for Denoting Negative Economic Processes in the Language of Modern Ukrainian Periodicals.

Khraban T.  Using of Experimental Techniques for Study of the Semantic Field of the Concept.

Koltsova E.  Appraisive nominations in autocommunication: gender aspect (Source material collected from English literary texts).

Lapshyna I., Kozak I.  Comparative Aspects of Linguistic Identity Formation of Preschool and Primary School Age Children.

Moroz V.  Biblical communication as a multidimensional phenomenon of the old testament.

Mykhalchuk N., Chala Ju.  Psycholinguistic analyses of the novel «watchmen» by alan moore and dave gibbons.

Nedashkivska T., Samiilyk S.  Stimulus List Forming for a Free Association Experiment Realization.

Nedashkivska T., Zagorodnia O.  Multipurpose Analysis of Stimuli in the Associative Experiment.

Panchenko T.  Functional and Semantic Features of Interfered Speech (surzhyk) in Language of Ukrainian Periodicals at the Beginning of the XXI-st Century.

Petrova G.  Comparable Psycholinguistic Analysis of the Names of Food in Ukrainian and Modern Greek Languages (Based on Associative Fields of Words-Stimulus молоко/γαλα).

Pikalova A.  Psychological type of the author in the children English language poetic discourse.

Serdiuk N.  The Foreign Language Teachers’ Pedagogical Refl ection of Their Activities and Speech During a Teaching Practice at School.

Shvets T.  The use of modern informational technologies in the process of formation of students’ communicative competence.

Shvets T.  The Proverbs as a Means of Gender Stereotypes Expression (Based on the French Language).



Dosenko A.  On the Question of Ukrainian’s Blogosphere Dinamic Development.

Dwivedi R.  Psycholinguistics and Sanskrit: is Devabhasha Mother of Psycholinguistics?

Galatska V.  Spiritual T.G. Shevchenko’s constant and its analytical - artistic interpretation in contemporary theatre journalism of Ukraine (on the material of special publications).

Kholod O.  Inmutation crowd as an incentive to protest activities (benchmark analysis of the theory S. Moscovici).

Kozyryatska S.  Medical journalism in the context of scientific.

Melnykova O.  Specifi c Features of Dissident Communication on the Basis of Self-Published Journal «Ukrainsky Visnyk» and «Radio Svoboda».

Nagorniak M.  Genre priorities of internet radio stations’ news content as a factor of effective communication with consumers.

Zubarieva M.  Psycholinguistic Subtext of Euromaidan Events in the Independent Ukraine.


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