Articles in English, 2013



Arushanova A.  Communication in the preschool years: training and selflearning.

Borisova V.  Motivation of achievement as factor of becoming of student - future subject of professional communication.

Borodulkina T.  Psychosemantics aspects of the future psychologists’ attitude to the service.

Butakova L., Goots E.  Psycholinguistic study of modern russian-language document perception by the semantic differential and «counter-text» methods.

Cherniakova O.  Person oriented approah in teaching schoolchildren english language.

Chetveryk-Burchak A.  Emotional intelligence as a factor of success in solution of the basis life tasks.

Demyanenko S.  Some peculiarities of child’s language acquisition.

Fedko S.  Universals and particulars in a multicultural counseling discourse.

Kalmykov H.  Professional verbal communication in the context of psycholinguistics.

Kalmykovа L.  Modern stage development of L.S. Vyhotskyi’s concept about verbal thinking.

Kharchenko N.  Understanding as the awakening of reflexion in the concept of H.I. Bohin.

Kyuchukov H.  On slavic childrens' bilingualism in Berlin.

Lyla M.  Іnvestigation of teen-agers’ attention as a factor of successful english language mastering.

Magdysyuk L.  Career colloquy of person’s psychological readiness for retirement.

Mysan I.  Contribution of I.O. Synytsa into the development of psycholinguistics of perception and understanding of phraseology.

Orap M.  Speech ability and speech competence as the elements of the internal substructure of personality's speech experience.

Pąchalska M.  Alexander Romanovich Luria (1902-1977) and the microgenetic approach to the diagnosis and rehabilitation of TBI patients summary.

Pobirchenko N.  The styles of the students` thinking in the informational and linguistic sense creation.

Turchak O.  Psychological concept of «speech anxiety».

Vasylyuk O.  Propositional model of knowledge representation as a basis of traumatic memory.

Voloshyna N., Polyezhayev Y.  Social networks language of teenagers.



Dyachuk N.  The comparative analysis of the operational unit peculiarities of the creative potential realization of literary texts translators and future translators.

Fedorchenko G.  Markers of argumentation in the scientific discourse.

Kobzieva O.  Realization of speech influence in judicial discourse.

Kobzieva O.  Means of realisation of speech influencein american judicial discourse.

Letyucha L.  Analysis of the concept in the light of synergistic approach.

Makhovikov D., Stepanova A.  Dynamics of the image «Stalin» in russian language consciousness.

Myronova T.  The author’s channels of meaning in a british text and some of the linguistic forms that carry it («The Hotel Kitchens» by G. Orwell: an experience of cognitive research into content and forms).

Navalna M.  New diffuse processes of criminal and youth slang in language of internet edition «Ukrainska Pravda».

Nechaeva V.  Conflict managing in electronic communication (on the material of electronic business letters).

Yershova I.  Praise as a subgenre of the lesson in the pedagogical discourse.



Galatska V.  The theatre journalism of modern ukraine in the realityglobal being.

Kholod A.  Television as a social communications materiality.

Kostyk Ye.  The peculiarities of foreign language learning on the non-linguistic faculties of the pedagogical university.

Moroz V.  Religious communication: models, types, functions.

Moroz V.  Aphoristic world of christian publicism.

Sineokij O.  Collectibles, filophonia, music fans, audiophilia: psycho-communication components of the «Soviet Model» tape subculture and contemporary issues.

Zabolotna T., Tanana S.  The category of politeness as a method of speaker’s presentation.

Zemlyakova E., Polousova N.  The use of the paralinguistic means in the corporate online communication (the English-language corporate blog posts).


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