Articles in English, 2014



Borodulkina T., Chikulai A.  The understanding of psychological categories and psycho-didactic texts by senior presehoolers.

Borodulkina T., Mezhynska G.  Representation of human emotional states in outdoor advertising.

Chmil N.  Theoretical aspects of formation of student’s professional speech.

Gordienko-Mytrofanova I.  Characteristics of associative field of stimulus «playfulness».

Каlmykova L.  Ontogenesis of the vocal activity of children of the sixth year of life.

Leniv Z.  Art-therapy in the process of diagnosing the oral speech of senior pre-school children.

Makarenko O., Andreycheva A.  Psycholinguistic features and disorders in the conditions of educational stress.

Mileva E.  Talk about art in the context of linguistic development of preschool age children.

Navalna M.  Lexical connotations as expressive means of speech.

Nikoda K., Lozova O.  The specifity of cross-modal transference in perception of bilingual people with kindred languages.

Novikova G.  Cultural and dialogic development of preschoolers in terms of bilingualism as a scientific problem.

Pavlova N., Grebenshikova T.  Typology of speech intentions in discourse.

Potapchuk Ye.  Speech behaviour of spouses in situations of adultery as a psychological problem.

Romenkova V.  Formation of concepts «good» – «bad»in preschool age with the use of folk tales.

Tsos Y.  Communicative speech properties in stylistic personality organization.

Turchak O.  Study of qualitative and quantitative indicators of speech anxiety in students’ speech in situations of emotional stress.

Ushakova O., Lavrent’eva A. The role of the communicative structure of statement in the formation of the substantive aspect of younger preschoolers’ speech.

Vydolob N.  Innovative methods of forming language and speech competence of students in psycholinguistic context.



Akimova N.  Neuropsycholinguistic mechanisms of internet text understanding variability.

Antipov O.  Lexical and semantic micro-field «patriot as he is» in modern ukrainian essay (on the basis of writers works by I. Andrusiak, A. Bondar, R. Hladysh, A. Dnistroviy, U. Izdryk, V. Neborak and S. Protsuk).

Dyachuk N.  The expressing criterions of the psycholinguistic characteristics of the literary text.

Ignatieva S.  «I»-model of ukrainian diary narrative.

Koltsova E.  Nominations of self-appraisal in autocommunication: gender aspect.

Krutiy K.  The development of the sense of language in children using artificial texts (based on linguistic tales L.S. Petrushevskoy).

Lazarenko G.  Psycholinguistic aspects of using pragmatonyms in english and ukrainian languages.

Molchko O.  The category of simile through the prism of the psycolinguistic theory of the functional sentense perspective: the projection onto the discursive translator’s activity.

Moroz V.  Epistemological model of historical communication.

Osipova T.  Verbalization of expressive component of emotion singender communication strategies of coquetry, making advances, flirting.

Pikalova A.  The main concept-images for representation of the concept person in the poetic texts of M. Stelmah in the reflection of the ukrainian scientists.

Shvets N.  The methodological basis of contrastive analysis of motivational bases of english, french and ukrainian ichthyonyms.

Shvets O.  Cognitive approach to the study of nominative sentences.

Tarasiuk I.  Peculiarities of studying a foreign language in the context of speech adaptation by immigrant children to a foreign environment.

Volkova A.  The diagnostics of emotional pain: psycholinguistic analysis of a written text in forensic expertise.

Yershova I.  «A safety training» as a hipergenre in the pedagogical discourse (on the material of the powerpoint presentation).



Badiul L.  Communicative engineering in the system of mass social transformation.

Kuybida V.  Scientific and folk terminology: comparative analysis.

Nagornyak M.  Speech culture of the would-be radiojournalist: reality and ways of improvement.

Shylova V.  Methodology for studying communication technologies socio-political tv program.

Smyrnova M.  Actuality of the problem of stigmatisation in modern social processes.


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