Ethic obligations of Editors of the collection of scientific works


  1. All materials given for publication pass a careful selection and criticizing. Editorial board of the collection of scientific works «Психолінгвістика», «Психолингвистика», «Psycholinguistics» (farther is Collection) reserves a right to decline the article or return it on a revision. An author is under an obligation to perfect the article in accordance with the remarks of reviewers or editorial board.
  2. An Editor must without prejudice examine all manuscripts, presented to the publication, estimating each properly, without regard to racial, confessional, national and political belonging, and also social position or job of author (-ors). However, an editor must take into account the connection of manuscript which is examined in certain moment, with others works of the same authors presented before.
  3. An editor must as quick as possible examine manuscripts, presented to the publication.
  4. All responsibility for an acceptance or rejection of a manuscript to the publication lies exceptionally on an editor. The responsible and impartial going provides for near implementation of these duties, that an editor takes into account recommendation of a reviewer – specialist of corresponding scientific area – in relation to quality and authenticity of manuscript, given to the publication. However, the article can be declined without criticizing, if an editor sets that they do not answer the type of Collection.
  5. An editor and members of release give no information to other persons, related to maintenance of manuscript which is on consideration, except persons which participate in professional estimation of the real article. After the positive decision of editor the article is published in Collection and placed on its web-page in language of original and necessarily English, and also passed on the corresponding electronic resources of library named after V.І. Vernadskyi and placed on the web sites of international scientifically-metrical bases (of, Directory of Abstract Indexing for of Journals (DAIJ), Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI), Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI), International Scientific Indexing (ISI).
  6. Distribution (on the consent of author) is assumed (on condition of obligatory reference to the original source) on the electronic networks of the articles from Collection. Edition and/or distribution of the materials of Collection is forbidden for third persons or organizations on paper and hard electronic transmitters.
  7. In accordance with the requirements of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) - in part of copyright observance on electronic informative resources, materials of site of electronic Collection or its project can not be recreated fully or partly in any form (electronic or printed) without the previous written consent of the authors Collection release. At use of the published materials in Collection in the context of other documents it is necessary to make a reference to the original source.
  8. An editor must respect intellectual independence and intellectual property of authors.
  9. Responsibility and rights for the editor of Collection in relation to any presented manuscript, the author of which is an editor, must be delegated to any other skilled person.
  10. Unpublished information, arguments or interpretations, exposed in manuscript given to the release, can be used by an editor in own researches only with consent of the author of the real article. If a manuscript is so close related to the present or past researches of an editor which can lead to the conflict of interests, then an editor must take measures in relation to the transmission of editorial responsibility for this manuscript to other competent person.
  11. If convincing evidences are presented to editor in relation to the fact that basic maintenance or conclusions of work, published in Collection, is erroneous, the editor must assist the publication of corresponding information, which specifies this error and, at possibility, to correct it (this report can be written either by a person which educed an error, or an independent author).
  12. If an editor got a request or warning of separate authors not to use some reviewers for consideration of the manuscript, but he felt (knows) that their ideas are important for the impartial analysis of the manuscript of article, then this editor can make decision to use one or a few reviewers.
  13. The release of Collection carries no responsibility before authors and/or third persons and organizations for a possible loss, caused by the publication of the article. A release has a right to withdraw the already geared-up to the publication article, if it will turn out that in the process of writing of the article somebody’s rights or generally accepted norms of scientific ethics were broken. About the fact of article exception a release informs the author, which gave the article, and also person which recommends, and organization, where the work was produced.
  14. A release is responsible for the acceptance of agreements about the transmission of exclusive materials, which limit the sphere of its use with the aim to defend the legal interests of authors.
  15. New editors have no authority to abolish a decision about the publication of materials, presented by previous editor, in the absence of any serious problems which would negatively influence on the achievement of science and prestige of the Collection.


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